Escort service exclusive
for foreigners

64,000 yen / 2 hours ~


No Japanese clients

Elite is a high-class escort service exclusive for foreigners which strictly forbids Japanese customers from using our services, lowering the risk of being exposed to any Japanese people that you know of. Our website and advertisements are made in English and only targets foreigners, making Japanese people unaware of our services and also making it safe for you to work with us in Japan.

Not showing your face

Your face will not be shown in your profile page. Photos of your face will only be shown in our members only page, accessible only to members that have passed our security checks and have paid the membership fees. You will not be exposed even by an internet search with your name or photo offering a safe environment to work discreetly.

Work discreetly

As you can work freely regardless of time and days in Elite Japan Escorts, you will not have to wait in a waiting room for a booking. Be able to work with us and keep your daytime jobs as well by scheduling your dating time freely. Earn an extra large income without changing your lifestyle.


Cast members must have a conversational English level to be able to satisfy the clients for more than 2 hours.
If you do not know how good your English level is, feel free to talk to the staff beforehand and have an interview afterward to hear additional details about the work and also to ask questions.
If you are not sure if you want to work with us, feel free also to contact us to hear the details before you decide to come to the interview and work with us.


Guaranteed work
Receive work constantly and earn an extra large salary. Staffed with English speaking team, Elite Japan Escorts has a large potential as there are only a few foreigner friendly escorts services in Tokyo even with the ever growing large numbers of shops and services that only have little to none, English speakable staff and courtesans.
Reservations only
As we finalize bookings 3 days prior to your available days of work, you do not have to experience situations receive bookings at the last minute and canceling or change your personal schedules. You also do not need to wait in a designated room for your bookings making you free to relax anywhere you like before heading to your booking.
No hard options
As we only serve to foreign gentlemen, you will not be required to service hard options as like other escort providers do. Full-service is strictly forbidden as it is against the Japanese laws.
Receive an additional 10,000 yen after 10 pm
Any bookings that are scheduled to finish after 10 pm will require an additional 10,000 yen from the clients and be given to you to cover taxi expenses for you to safely reach your home.


Receive 80% of the booking fee that the client pays to Elite Japan Escorts as salary and be able to get a large salary with only a few bookings.
Earn big even with a tight schedule.
Take home 100% of your salary as Elite Japan Escorts will not require any expenses from you.

◆Base salary◆

  • 2 hour course

    64,000 yen
  • 5 hour dinner course

    104,000 yen
  • 9 hour overnight course

    144,000 yen



Q: What kind of clients use Elite Japan Escorts?
Clients who use our services will be high-class gentlemen with a trustful background such as company representatives, doctors, professional sportsmen that have a re-knowed position in society, time and the financial capabilities to afford your services.
Q: Is there a possibility of meeting somebody I know?
There is a low risk of meeting any Japanese people you know as we strictly do not allow any Japanese clients using our services. Unless you know a high-class foreign gentleman, the risk of meeting even a foreign client is little to none as well.
Q: Can I really earn money here?
Even with the large numbers of escorts providers in Tokyo, only a few have English speaking staff and courtesans that service to foreigners thus we will have a constant flow of clients asking for your services and enabling you to receive a constant income.
Q: Is my identity going to be exposed?
The risk is little to none as your face will not be shown on the internet and only on the member's page with a different name for when you work with us. You will be able to work at your daytime job without the risk of being known that you are working for Elite Japan Escorts as well.
Q: I don't have that much time…
We would only like you to work with us when you have the time and do not require you to work on certain days or for certain amount of days. If you become unavailable due to your private schedules when we send you the offer details from the client, feel free to decline and schedule for a different day.
Q: Why is the salary so high?
As you will have conversational or higher English skills, which are rare in Tokyo and also us having English speaking staff, our services are expensive than other ordinary escort services in Tokyo as we value your English skills very highly which is the reason why the salary is high.

-Recruitment details-

2 hours 64,000 yen~
  • - Work in different jobs while working with us
  • - Service only to high-class clients
  • - Wait at your home or a place of your choice
  • - Register and join lessons or workout at our private gym
  • - Take your profile photos by our professional cameraman for free
  • - Receive an extra 10,000 yen for bookings that are scheduled to end after 10 pm
  • - Free service lessons from our former cast member for beginners for free
A pre-reservation escort service
Must be 18 years old or over. (high school students are not permitted)
Must have a conversational or higher English level.
If you are not sure of your English level, feel free to contact us.
◆Working hours
Work only for the booking hours that you receive.
◆Working locations
High-end hotels in central Tokyo
◆Registration documents
Residence card

Applications ・ Inquiries

Feel free to ask anything you like

If you have any doubts or questions about anything, feel free to ask them to our staff in English.

Inquiry by mail

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